Sherral's Equine Art Studio

Sherral Hargrave

I have been an Equine Artist for about 40 years. I am a self taught artist and have been drawing and painting horses ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand. I love horses and have owned several breeds over my lifetime. Arabians were my first love and what I paint most often. I did commission work for a long time and have just recently started selling prints of some of my original paintings. Some of these will be available on this site. Since my name is spelled so different-I sign most of my work with only my first name. This is kind of my "trademark".

My main interest now, however, is Model Horses. A few years ago I learned about the exciting world of Model Horses and have been engrossed in learning everything I can about the hobby. I am now sculpting originals which will be cast in the near future. I will be offering unpainted and maybe a few painted resins for sale as they become available. 

I will also have a few models that I have customized available for sale, and maybe a few pieces of tack, if, I can make myself part with these! The saddles and bridles are very time consuming, so I won't be making very many.

Being a perfectionest, all of my work is, in my opinion, top LSQ! You be the judge!

I will post items for sale as they become available and also items in progress. Please feel free to contact me on any "in progress" item you might be interested in, and I will put you on a contact list when item is completed.

Thanks for visiting my site!
Sherral Hargrave