Sherral's Equine Art Studio


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Reply Magovelp
11:29 AM on August 11, 2018 
Reply Alex Swafford
1:59 PM on May 10, 2011 
I found your website after googling swayback horses. I like your sculpture of her. :)
Reply Avraham Stern
1:01 PM on July 23, 2010 
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interested and want to buy it and asks to know what the price of stand saddle thank you will bring attention to such applications if the affirmative grant
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Reply Amy
4:38 PM on April 25, 2009 
These are so cool! If you like horses, visit my site, at
Reply Gary Gamble
4:44 PM on January 20, 2009 
Wow Sherry! Just fantastic. You were always the one with the talent. I think Patty still has a picture you painted of Peppy our horse and Diablo Pattys horse. Mom kept it on her walls forever. When she got sick Patty asked if she could have it and she gave it to her.
It was great seeing you and your mom. Seems like it was yesterday that we were riding. I remember when I ate,slept and dreamed about horses.
I soon discovered motorcycles and everything changed. Do you remember the two Arabians we had?
Chester the crow??
Anyway it was good seeing you guys!

Love to you and your mom

Gary Gamble
Reply kaiser0987
2:08 PM on November 29, 2008 
Nice! Visit mine at
Reply Sherral
10:54 AM on June 19, 2008 
To 2008ralph,
My Mother has been sick and I have been spending a lot of time helping her. As soon as things get back to normal, I will work some more on the swayback. Thanks for your interest! I would have emailed you, but your address did not show up.
Thanks, Sherral
Reply 2008ralph
10:40 AM on June 15, 2008 
hi! that swayback horse is cool, i hope you can put more updates on that page soon! i still cna't belive the original picture of the REAL swayback horse you saw! its so had to belive a horse could be that swayback! plz message back!
Reply Courtney
1:02 AM on May 12, 2008 
I love your work, it is some of the best ive seen, it is beautiful. im only 13 and i want to be able to make breyers once i get a little older. i love horses, and i love to draw and paint them. i just want to know how you do that and what you need to make them. please message me back.
Reply sherralsart
2:08 PM on April 9, 2008 
Guestbook signers email address is not showing. I have no way to answer questions. If you have questions, please send to my email address :
Thank you,
Sherral Hargrave