Sherral's Equine Art Studio

Prints of My Original Art

I have a  limited number of prints
available for
each of these. I'm not sure how long I will
offer these for sale, as I am devoting most of my
time to my model horses. If interested,
 please contact me. Most are available in three
They are open edition prints and I will
hand sign each one. I print these on heavyweight
archivel quality paper on a special printer
made just for artwork.

Prices for all prints:
8x10           9.99
11x14       19.99
12x16       29.99

All prints will be shipped flat
on foamboard so they can be
stored without damage until
you can get them framed.

                                 Inspired by Fadjeyn



                     Dreams of the Egyptian Prince

                                   Deltar's Image


                             Sonny with painted mat


                         Inspiration by Al Fattah
                     available in 8x10 and 11x14 only