Sherral's Equine Art Studio

   Brand New!!
I am very excited about my latest project.
        My very first resin!!
     His name is "I'm Elusive"
Named after a very special saddlebred gelding
I used to own. I never showed him. He was just
an everyday backyard pleasure horse with a very
calm nature which I tried to show in this resin.
There are a lot of firsts in the horse shown below.

It is the first original sculpture of mine to be cast.

It is my first casting done completely by me. My
first three castings had a lot of pin holes. Since
then, I have purchased a vacuum chamber,
vacuum pump, pressure pot, and air compressor
to make my own molds and castings.
       A very big investment!!

It is the first resin to be painted by me. I have
been so busy learning sculpture, customizing
models, and casting, that I haven't had much
time to paint anything.
It is the first stablemate size saddle to be made
by me. Anyone who has ever attempted to
make a stablemate size saddle will appreciate
this accomplishment! It is so much harder to
make a saddle in this scale. It was made by
trial and error, with a lot of errors that
had to be scraped! It's almost finished now.
All I need now is some micro-mini buckles to
finish it! I haven't decided if I will sell it or not.
It was so difficult, I don't know if I will ever
attempt another one!