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Custom Sway Back Horse

I am presently working on custom that was inspired by a swayback horse I saw while on vacation.   I had never seen a horse this swayback and thought it would be fun to make him a custom model. I will post photos as I get them to show the progress of this custom. Please check back often.


Started September 2007

I've been working about 3 days on this custom and this
is what it looks like now. I used a Breyer Suscesion as
the base model. The head would have been to hard to
make over, so I sculpted a new one from epoxie sculpt.
Next I had to cut the neck and head off the model
and also cut the body in half to make the dip in the back.
 I also had to cut off the left hind leg and the left
front leg to change their position. The other 2 legs
had to be heated with a heat gun and moved a little to
look like the photo. The two main body parts had
 to be cut away on top of the back and the sway formed
with wire and fastened to each body half in holes I had
 pre-drilled. I then used epoxie sculpt to cover the wires

and to build up the underside of the belly. The front
leg was re-attached with wire, super glue, baking soda,
 and epoxie. The neck,  head, and the hind leg were
also attached in the same manor. Then I had to cut off
the tail at the base and remove all the tail that
 was on top of the left hip. Not an easy task as the
plastic model is so hard. I finally used the heat gun to get
the plastic soft and cut the tail away with side-cut pliers.
This method made a hole in the left hip that I will use
 later to secure the tail wire on the inside of the model.
I found this method easier than using a dremel to remove
 excess plastic. I then drilled a hole on the base
of the
tail and inserted heavy wire for the new tail. The wire was
 bent over on the inside of the model by using the access
 hole in the left hip. Then I used lots of super glue
and baking soda to secure the wire to the inside of the
 model. I will work on the tail later when all the detail
work is finished on the body.

October 19, 2007
Got a little more done today.
Here he is so far. Still a lot
of work
to do. We are going  on vacation next
week. I am going to stop at the farm where I took a
photo to get some more information on this horse.
 Check back later.

October 27, 2007
Back from vacation. Found out the horse's
name, but her owner doesn't want it used. 
The following photos show the process I have made on my sculpture. I ran out of natural color epoxie sculpt so I will use white epoxie clay to finish.

October 28, 2007
Checked measurements and the back was a little too long. So, I had to cut the body in half, cut out a small amount, drill holes, wire back together, and fill back in with epoxie clay. Looks a lot better! Now I can work on detail work.

October 29, 2007
Lots of detail needs to be done, and lots of sanding!
Looking better now that he has a mane and tail. Will add more photos
as I progress. Check back later.

Just a quick note to let you know that because of illness in the family,  I will be putting this project on hold until after Christmas.
Thanks to all on their comments and encourgement.
Have a Happy Holiday!


Update April 27 2008

I finally got a little more done and have a few new photos.  I decided since this is not a portrait anymore to make him a little less swayback.  Unless someone had seen the original photo, they would not believe a horse could be that swayback.  I also made the legs a little heavier and his hooves larger, so there is not one bit of the original horse showing.  He is close to being finished now and just needs more sanding and a little more details added.
That's all for now. Hope to get him finished soon. If anyone wants email updates, please send your email address on my contact page. Please don't leave questions or contact information on the guestbook ( your email address does not show, so I have no way to contact you).
Thanks and I will post more photos as I get them.