Sherral's Equine Art Studio

  My Original Sculptures

These are my original sculptures that
I have been working on over the past
 2 years.
Most are still in progress.
Some I started and
will probably
never finish.
The best ones I will
have cast as soon
 as they
are complete.
See resins page for available resins.

This was my first attempt at sculpting. Not too bad, but hind legs
are not right. My mother loves this sculpture as it is, so I will
paint it and give it to her.

This was my third sculpture. It is shown next to an
 OF Stablemate to show size comparision.It had a
major accident and was broken in
several pieces.
 I remade it several times and it eventully ended  up
 becoming "I'm Elusive", my saddlebred resin. However,
I liked this sculpture, and have since made a new one
similar to the one in the photo. This time I made it
a mare. She is shown in the next photos.


SM Arabian Mare

In progress Arabian Stablemate.
This one is a mare and has not been
named at this time. These are the first
raw castings. Will soon be available
for purchase.

This is SH Sky High. This was my entry in
 the 2006 RESS Sculpture Contest. I ran
out of time and didn't have it completely
finished and my photos were really
bad. A few of the judges even thought
 he was supposed to be trotting and said
 he was all wrong! I meant for him to look
 like he was playing. not trotting!! Also,
I modeled him after a 9 mo.old colt,
not a foal, as others thought.

Soon to be cast! He is traditional size yearling.
 I still have some detail work to do on him.
 If you are interested in him, let me know
and I will put you on his waiting list.
You can let me know by signing my
 guestbook, or email me from my contact page.